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Most adorable thing ever

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Most adorable thing ever

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So I never posted my finished Garnet cosplay. Sowwy~ I get so excited during cons, I never really take formal pictures.

stone cold betty 

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Hi! Independent artist trying to make their way in the world.

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I’d appreciate it if you could spare some money on a sticker or even a t-shirt if you’re able and feeling generous!

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I’m an independent artist trying to support myself through my online shop. 

It’s not easy, so please check out my items, like them, get one if you can afford it, and please signal boost. Every reblog counts.

And if you have a little change to spare, please consider purchasing a sticker. They don’t cost much and they only give me about 40 cents, but, as I said, every little bit counts.

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Wow.. I didn’t know that

File under : things I wasn’t taught in school

Reblog the hell out of this everyone.


It’s like you guys want to be outraged and offended.

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I am a tooth 

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cats are squishy cartoon friends that live in your house with you and do rad stunts. if they like you they vibrate at you very loudly. this is somehow a real animal

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Groot making it weird

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I had wings once. They were strong. But they were stolen from me.

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Yawning is contagious. [video]

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This is Little Nina.
We found her on the side of the road in Cleveland Ohio, covered in mud and getting splashed by cars. I picked her up with intentions of nursing her back to health. The vet was kind enough to give me a free exam, which was enough to tell me that she has a severe upper respiratory infection and extreme malnutrition. Her eyes were glued shit with yellow gunk when I found her. And the vet told me that she thought she was about 5 weeks old, but was the size of a 3 week old kitten.

We already have two cats, both of which are rescues. We have plans on keeping her, but this was such a surprise for us, we didn’t have time to budget in another cat. I was able to get a sample sized tube of antibiotics for her eyes, but she is going to need more very soon. And eventually she will need to be spayed.

I don’t want to have to give her up because we can’t afford to keep her. Nina has a gofundme account set up for her vet bills. Please send what ever you can afford. She would greatly appreciate the chance to survive and stay in a nice warm home.

I don’t have much to offer for rewards, but this blog will follow Nina’s journey as she grows into a healthy cat! If you leave your address with a donation, we will send you a picture of her (when she is plump and healthy!) and a thank you letter.

Nina thanks you for taking the time to read this post! And may karma bring the best of luck your way!

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